Vivienne Westwood: Climate Rebel

The famous designer is also known for her activism. She often does campaigns with various important organizations about environmental issues and climate change, civil liberties and human rights, nuclear disarmament, etc. She is a big supporter of the Green Party of England and Wales. Her political engagements are about terrorism, democracy, and propaganda. She has even written a manifesto, Active Resistance to Propaganda

“For Vivienne Westwood punk never died; it’s just busy saving the world.”


Vivienne Westwood’s mission is to reduce her brand’s contribution to climate change. She created the Climate Revolution Manifesto to critique and reject civilization’s treatment of the environment. For her Spring/Summer 2020 collection garments were made of organic cotton and natural flax stitched together with thread sourced from the trees of well-managed forests. After all these years her work continues to play on ideas of British identity, historic reference and clothing as protest. Vivienne Westwood’s sustainability initiative shows that artistry doesn’t have to be traded in for responsibility.  In her own words “The future is quality, not quantity”.


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