Vivienne Westwood Established

Around the early 1980s Vivienne Westwood split from Malcolm McLaren to establish her own brand. This also marked her departure from the punk rock scene. Embracing the growing expression of women’s sexuality, Vivienne Westwood continued to push back against conformist society. This was seen in her Spring/Summer 1985 collection that featured the “mini-crini”, a modern take on the crinoline undergarment mixed with the mini skirt craze of the 1980s. In this era Vivienne reshaped the feminine silhouette. She reimagined the restrictive corset into an object of liberation. The iconic corset has seen a resurgence of love in the historic and archival fashion trends.

Linda Evangelista & Kate Moss in Vivienne Westwood

Linda Evangelista & Kate Moss in Vivienne Westwood

The 1990s had given Vivienne Westwood much love within European and American fashion enthusiasts but also amongst Japanese youth subcultures. Vivienne’s designs became extremely popular within all of Asia but especially Japan. Her store quickly became widely and commonly known within Japan. Punk visuals and English motifs appealed to the goth and Brit-rock teens of Japan. The cool kids of Tokyo carry her handbags, wear the iconic orb necklaces and rings. From seamstress in London to a defining designer amongst Harajuku teens, the power of a rebel is internationally recognized.



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